Tutorial: Android 4.0 x86 ICS in VirtualBox with ethernet and Google Play [ Installing Google apps ] (Part 2 of 2)

Tutorial: Android 4.0 x86 ICS in VirtualBox with ethernet and Google Play [ Installing Google apps ] (Part 2 of 2)

Well here we are with the second part of the tutorial: D I did not want to publish it until you’ve tried everything.

As stated by the people of buildroid.org virtualbox image to ICS, has some bugs at the moment but is quite usable in my point of view, I’ve used Android-x86 4.0.3rc2 on my netbook and was quite thin, but hopefully them to compile a current source code is 4.0.4 as of today (for x86), and that gradually debug drivers for the emulator and some failures.

The point is that we will have an emu Android-x86 version 4.0.3 to test your own apps without extra hardware, the Android-x86 emulator INTEL official is still in version 2.3 so here we can develop for a far superior version and to test our emu lol, in order to update their code quickly people buildroid.org and will fine the emu, the subject is, by then we will know how to make it work;) can also use it with AppInventor or anything else that use adb hehe.

Come on to the mess … in the web of buildroid offer a pack with google apps, but according to them had many crashes with many apps .. well, I have done many tests with google apps for my builds to the netbook, and I saw that to the pack was not very carefully and had things to ARM, so here I deleted many things that were not necessary, some of which were duplicates (when installed applications check that natives do not have different names they install and do not duplicate gallery.apk google.gallery.apk example we would have 2 gallerys imagine what happens with duplicate calendar using a service would be two services .. calendar = problems, and was doubled, so now will better .)

Also I have allowed myself the luxury of adding some additional apps like 0xbenchmark by if you want to do some performance tests, also the Android terminal, Superuser, and the Open FileManager, I’ve also updated the youtube player but it seems that even failure (I imagine that will be the version of the ICS had one of the releases that failed that or maybe because 3D acceleration) in any case the new package attached here:

Well before we get to work, need the Android SDK and you’ll use one tool called adb to upload files to your virtual android, you can find it here the Android SDK http://developer.android.com/sdk/index.html

After installing the SDK adb look for the application, and in our case on Linux and create a symbolic link to / bin to run when we want with:

sudo ln -s /home/pi/android-sdks/platform-tools/adb /bin/adb

Substituting my home directory for your.

Once done, adb should work from where we launch it, so let’s unpack the downloaded file ..

tar -zxvf gapps_buildroid_modby314.tar.gz

and we stand inside such that so..

next I need to know the ip of the virtualbox, start the vbox, and to see the ip I do is monitor the network card that uses virtualbox in my case eth1 with iftop, I do:

Open the android browser, once opened go to command prompt and type:

iftop -pPB -i eth1

Substituting eth1 for your network device.

Once this is done we can write any website in the Android browser, and the iftop see an IP that begins to consume bandwidth, this will be the ip of our virtualbox, now we only activate the USB debugger (picture below ) and upload the files.

If we continue in the folder above “gapps_buildroid_modby314” , only have to do the following:

adb connect

that will be tell us something like “connected to” below we will remount the system as R/W with..

adb remount

it should respond “remount succeeded” and then you can upload the folder /system complete with..

adb push system /system/

Below I put a screenshot of the entire process..

Once uploaded the files only have to restart the virtualbox and we are ready, when we rebooted, and we launch the market, go to market settings and enable automatic updates, play google will update without any problem, in terms of market failure buildroid those who commented about the apps does not show, I tell you that only shows an app by category, but that does not happen when you do your own search for apps, so here be able to put a keyword and you will come out all compatible apps x86, I’ve also added some modifications to the file build.prop for google android emulator see us as a eeepc and not as a vbox, so you can see in the picture below :).

Final results :

And that’s it, hope it works, if I missed some step or something wrong tell me I hope, especially hope you find it useful.

Cheers. (if you copy that article please cite the autor, than you)