App: 500px Photo Sharing App (Android-x86 COMPATIBLE)

App: 500px Photo Sharing App (Android-x86 COMPATIBLE)

The app called 500px, a popular photo sharing alternative to Flickr, has finally released on Android on April 19.

Their iOS app has been a smash hit for their users, and many have praised it for a sleek minimalist design. “The app takes cues from our iPad app, which is praised by its minimalistic and beautiful interface and focus on large, beautiful photos.” 500px said in their blog post upon release.

Taking queues from this success they have built their android counterpart to much of the same design.

The app will allow users to log-in or to sign up for a 500px account. View full resolution photos, share the photos across various social networks like Twitter and Facebook. As well as the standard favoring, commenting, and reading functions that come with most social apps.

One thing that catches the eye is the ability to read the EXIF information and location. Essentially the EXIF information is a collection of data that cameras, scanners, video cameras, and even tape recorders store on the file.

While the need to read a photos EXIF information isn’t crucial, I know as a photographer that it is something that you want to do from time to time. It gives people a more technical look at the file.

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