Tutorial: Install Android-x86 4.0 ICS in your laptop step by step

Tutorial: Install Android-x86 4.0 ICS in your laptop step by step

Good news for fans of the project Android-x86 for which we have spoken a few times, just released RC1 version for everyone to try android ice cream sandwich on your laptop/notebook or computer. For those who do not know Android-x86, just say that this is a project for porting Android to PCs (x86).


As mentioned, the Android-x86 team has just released version Android 4.0-x86 RC1, based on Android 4.0.3 (Ice Cream Sandwich) that contains among others the following features:

  • Support multi-touch, wifi, audio, bluetooth, G-Sensor and Camera
  • Android 4.0.3 android market
  • OpenGL hardware acceleration for AMD Radeon and Intel
  • 3.0.8 kernel with KMS enabled
  • V8 javascript engine
  • Simulated SD-card
  • Installer that supports ext3/ext2/ntfs/fast32
  • ISO hybrid (you can dump the iso on a USB adding “dd if = android-x86-4.0-xxx.iso of = / dev / sdX”)

Supported Devices

In principle, the project focuses on a very specific devices:

But if you want you can try installing it as I have done through the Virtual Box. Yes, apparently not fully supports Ethernet connection when Virtual Box. Of course, this distribution is unofficial and not have the Android Market and others.

Lets Start installing Android Ice Cream Sandwich on your laptop or computer

Go to the official website and look for the Android 4.0 that is compatible with your laptop.

Step 1: Get off the image that corresponds to your PC.

If you don’t have laptop from up there above you can do two things: try it directly on your PC Live CD version so as not to be installing anything or with the Virtual Box or VMWare to create a new virtual machine and tinker with it. If you master in these, it said. Here you record the image of Asus laptops it on a CD or on the USB as indicated below and put it on your computer. No need to do the tutorial that follows, just select “Run Android without installation”.

Actually the procedure is very simple. Once we insert the CD or USB we will see the following screen.

Android Ice Cream Sandwich on your computer

If you want to try installing Android without LiveCD. Then choose the option of Install Android to Harddisk. On the next screen you see something like this.

installing Android without LiveCD

If you do not get something like “Linux sda1 -”, then you must select the Create/Modify Partitions.

android ics on computer

Do not be confused with this menu is simple. We only select [New] -> Put the partition size you want (from 1 to 32, 64 Gb or you want to put your “Android”). Then select the [Bootable] and finally we give [Write]. We must say “yes” to create the partition.

android on computer

When the process is complete, click [Quit] to return to the previous menu and check that a line has appeared puts Linux sda1. The following are easy steps:





Now Android Ice Cream Sandwich is successfully installed on your laptop.

Source: androidlot.com