Buildroid updates Android-x86 Emulator for VirtualBox

Buildroid updates Android-x86 Emulator for VirtualBox

Well, the guys have put at our disposal a new update of their Android-x86 for VirtualBox and we found that gives the same error than the previous one when you import it from VirtualBox, this time the compressed. “ova” brings three files instead of 2 which contained the previous… but no problem, we can follow the tutorial that we use with the previous version, but this time we must edit the file. “OVF” differently, and to fix the error, we will remove this part of code:
<rasd:Description>IDE Controller</rasd:Description>

With this, we imported the two image attachments and we will have our emu ready to go 🙂 .

You can download the different versions here (updated May,31,2012) :

A vbox86t version with gapps included is available here : buildroid_vbox86t_ 4.0.4_r1.1-20120530_gapps.ova


(thanks DAN)