EXCLUSIVE: Android-x86 4.0.4 "EeePC" running ARM apps (libhoudini videos/benchmarks, Angry birds, Quake3, Max Payne)

EXCLUSIVE: Android-x86 4.0.4 “EeePC” running ARM apps (libhoudini videos/benchmarks, Angry birds, Quake3, Max Payne)

I must to say big thank you to all of you guys, thanks Chih-Wei Huang (Android-x86.org Team leader) and the rest of the team, Thank you Daniel Fages (aka Dan) from buildroid.org for her hack with libhoudini, Thank you all of you from Android-x86 google group, And thank you to all the people of #Android-x86 in freenode in special to Marex for her patience and help with git.

Okey, here we go, the PC in question is an ASUS Eeepc T101MT wich have this specs:

  • Intel-Atom N450 64bit (two thread detected, kernel SMP running in 32bit mode)
  • 2GB RAM (full detected)
  • 320GB HDD SATA (working) (40GB ext2 android-x86 dedicated partition)
  • Intel GMA3150 Pineview (working hardware acceleration but using Mesa DRI, works pretty fine)(brightness control fn-keys and touchscreen control works)
  • 10″ Resistive Multitouch screen, two points (working perfect)
  • Wireless card Atheros Ath9k (working)
  • Sound card Intel HD (works perfect) (MIC working but not with all apps)
  • Bluetooth Broadcom EDR3.0 (works perfect) (GPS BT works)
  • Webcam (working good but upside down)
  • Sdcard slot (working and auto-mounted in fat32)
  • 3 USB ports 2.0 (working, usbmass storage devices works and mount perfect)
  • Battery 5h or 6h (get charges faster, and battery works around 4h using wifi and full brigthness)

This is running Android-x86 ICS 4.0.4-r2.1 with libhoudini patches, you can find a how-to here:  Add ARM emulation (Binary Translator aka “libhoudini”) on Android-x86 4.0 ICS builds Step by Step.

I will use this apps to do the benchmarks:

  1. 0xbench (Free)
  2. Quake3droid 3.3(Search over the web)
  3. AnTuTu Benchmark (free)
  4. linpak (free)
  5. CF-Bench (free)
  6. Quadrant Standar (free NOT WORKS, crash in 3D test.)
  7. Vellamo (free)
  8. NenaMark1 (free)
  9. NenaMark2 (free, Works but very sssssslow)
  10. BrowserMark (Online)
  11. GLBenchMark (free, but same as NenaMarket2 very ssssslow and need corporate license to setup)

Well, I have to tell you that I am like 4 or 5 days testing apps and games and trying to do work armv6 and armv7 stuff, but just armv5 works,I have observed that all (the system) run like before appliying the libhoudini changes, so very nice 🙂 .

For begin I go to expose my case before the libhoudini update:

I have 250 apps installed at the moment, 230 before the update, after update to the new build with houdini i was get 77 updates of 230 (really impresive) I did try some apps, and I must to say that all seems to works, here a little list of few NEW apps working to put an example:

Angry Birds & Angry Birds Space (NOW WORKS, I was tested this 2 versions, but i was read that all versions works)
Quake3droid (NOW WORKS)
Max Payne (NOW WORKS)
Cut the Rope (NOW WORKS)
SKYPE (NOW WORKS, but crash when login I hope we get a fix in next versions)
NetFlix (NOW WORKS, but I’m not in the US so I cant test it)
GTA III 10 years Anniversary (NOW WORKS, but not very good, has problems of performance)
Adobe acrobat reader (NOW WORKS and very faster)
Kidle app (WORKS 100% , NOW show pages correctly)
Defender updated (Still WORKING)
Defender II (NOW WORKS)
SketchBookX (WORKS great)
Shazam (updated still WORKING)
MapQuest (updated Still WORKING)
Forfone (WORKS I didnt used to call but seems works)
Tango (Same as forfone)
TuneIn Radio (WORKS, If you get some connection fault, try deactivating “chose fastests stream” in settings of the app)
MyTrails (still WORKING but now more faster than before)
Messenger (still WORKING after update)
Spotify (NOW shows the login screen but cant login for something about the connection)
Google video play (NOW WORKS I didnt rent any movie)

Like you can see, all the stuff works properly, and after update all the apps still working perfect.

Now is the time to begin the benchmarks, We will with the 0xbench:
I do big part of the tests with this soft, this have the 3 last results online here http://0xbenchmark.appspot.com/ and the rest in the  public page here http://0xbenchmark.appspot.com/public here are the results:

msec : less is better.

fps3d: more is better.

mflops: more is better.

msec-js: less is better.

2d-fps: more is better.

Now you can take a look at the PublicPage of 0xbench and compare with this captures.

In the Quake3droid benchmark I did the OLD-SCHOOL way (4quakers only lol), this is how the game press did their test years back (I did from 1999 in my pc benchmarks), this is very easy, you can use in your PC too, just open the console and write:

/timedemo 1

/demo four

You can see that in this capture below..

To show or hide the console in Quake3droid touching upper the middle at the screen, when the benchmark is over you must show the console again, and we will get the results like this..

Thi is the interesting part in the benchmark, we have a very nice result, 40FPS in 30sec, and this is runing under LIBHOUDINI so COOL..! I did a video of the process take a look 🙂


The AnTuTu is a software that run natively with Android-x86, and I was get the same results than before applying libhoudini, take a look..

This is the Hardware info, and this is the benchmark results..

I dont know for you, but for me this is a very nice result, like I say at the begining of the article and like you can see in the Hardware Info picture we are using MESA DRI, and not GPU rendering and the results are amazing (at less to me :P).

The Linpak benchmark isnt very good I dont know why but here are the results..


CF-Bench not bad results, looks like this is not for tablets????, I cant se tablets in the comparison 😛

But the Vellamo test… oh guy haha.. this is another story (this one is the best), to put just one image of the detailed test I was splice with gimp..

And the good one, the comparision 😉

To end with this rain of screen captures, I wanna end with BrowserMark, that benchmark I rather surprised, the score is very high..

Oh my god!! I win!!! lol… nooo wayyy, my ASUS Eeepc T101MT wins the ASUS EEPAD TRANSFORMER TF201 ???? YEEHAA!! ;D

Jokes aside, if you dont have enough with this captures, I did this videos of Angry Birds Space HD, and Max Payne.

And another one extra video of ScummVM :D~~

I hope you enjoy this Tests/review, if that was helpful to you, please do some click in the banners, THANKS!