How-To: Add flash player to Android-x86

How-To: Add flash player to Android-x86

After do some tests, I have flash player working in my EeePC with Android-x86 thanks to two dumps filtered of the Orange San Diego (code name for the Xolo x900 in europe), I did find here in Modaco’s web page, you can find the articles and dumps here “San Diego system dump 2.3.7” and “San Diego system dump 4.0.4” (try with flashplayer of the 4.0.4 dump) (To get that working you must to have the HOUDINI stuff).

When you have the file, unzip it and look at /libs/ , copy the folder plugins..

Now, look at the folder /app and get the file FlashPlayer.apk

Copy this two files in the same folders of your Android-x86, reboot and enjoy.

Like you can see in the picture the flash player is activated, you can see the banners.

Youtube works in web browser (just in full screen mode)
Dailymotion works in web browser (just in full screen mode, DONT USE the Dailymotion APP, that was deactivated my flashplayer (and maybe modificated some kind of permissions)
live.indiatimes looks like use some diferent player and dont works.
Russia Today videos now works (looks like allways if works is at full screen mode..)
BBC news videos is sending me to the google play to update the flash player, but there is not update button in the market just the OPEN button, so we have the last version.
CNN news videos the same as BBC.
liveleak seem like works but dont play.

Remember that we are using binary files compilated for another version of android, and we dont know enough about houdini by the same reason, we dont have the source code.

So be happy, Regards.