Android-x86 4.0.4-r2.1 ("Unofficial Releases" Generic EeePC and T101MT iso's) Houdini(ARM)+FlashPlayer+Kernel 3.0.36

Android-x86 4.0.4-r2.1 (“Unofficial Releases” Generic EeePC and T101MT iso’s) Houdini(ARM)+FlashPlayer+Kernel 3.0.36

Okey,  after some petitions of some users here in the blog comments, by e-mail and in the Google mail list of Android-x86 project, I have decided to share my personal build for Asus EeePC T101MT with all of you, and also I did a build for Generic EeePC because of my custom build for T101MT is “Specific for this model”, and dont have all the hardware support that the EeePC Generic Build have, in any case:


My changes for the T101MT build:

  • Kernel changes: configured for INTEL ATOM with smp and 2 threads detected, activated HIGHMEM up to 4GB RAM, deleted all non INTEL stuff, and set some modules out of the kernel, add some extra drivers ( some wifi USB drivers and something more) like modules, activated kernel logo and changed Tux by Android ROBOT with the Pi.
  • Changed the POWER button to power off with just a click.
  • Changed the bootsplash “ANDROID” by a big ROBOT pretty animated, designed by314 (you can see the bot in the picture above ) 😉
  • Add the funny logo to the grub screen =D .
  • Deleted all software not used included by default in standar builds.
  • Fixed the brigthness trouchscreen control in the init script(I did looking some another work from Cristopher, Stefan, or Corvus 🙂 Thank you guys)
  • I was included 2 Asus livewallpapers from XDA, and deleted the native non working livewallpapers.
  • Fixed Storage map, to mount correctly any PENDRIVE or HDD USB in /mnt/USB, mount the REAL SDCard in /mnt/MicroSD, and the virtual sdcard ( the installation device ) our HDD in /mnt/sdcard (Thank you Chih Wei).
  •  Add fresh Houdini stuff and and flashplayer from Orange San Diego dump from MoDaCo.
  • Add gapps from Android-x86 and add some fix in /etc and /framework with (google video stuff, and google device stuff but not in this release, in the next, I need to upload again the ISO images, with new gapps more updated from RC2, and market updated too.)
  • Add Extra gapps updated (I was forget g+) CatLog and FakeGPS.
  • I have left YouTube in the last version with carrousel, instead of the new one white and flat.

My changes for the EeePC build:

  • Same changes that in the T101MT keeping compatibility (Without deleting nothing NON INTEL) the fix to can control brightness from touchscreen is included but didnt work to me (at least in my T101MT), I have been informed that this eeepc release dont works in the Eeepc 900, and to keep the 100% of compatibility, the next release to Eeepc will be with a kernel default config to avoid this issues :P.


T101MT Status:

  • Intel-Atom N450 64bit (two thread detected, kernel SMP running in 32bit mode)
  • 2GB RAM (full detected)
  • 320GB HDD SATA (working) (40GB ext2 android-x86 dedicated partition)
  • Intel GMA3150 Pineview (working hardware acceleration but using Mesa DRI, works pretty fine)(brightness control fn-keys and touchscreen control works)
  • 10″ Resistive Multitouch screen, two points (working perfect)
  • Wireless card Atheros Ath9k (working)
  • Sound card Intel HD (works perfect) (MIC working I was included Google voice search but crash, and mic not work with all apps at the moment)
  • Bluetooth Broadcom EDR3.0 (works perfect) (GPS BT works)
  • Webcam (working good but upside down)
  • Sdcard slot (working and auto-mounted in fat32)
  • 3 USB ports 2.0 (working, usbmass storage devices works and mount perfect)
  • Battery 5h or 6h (get charges faster, and battery works around 4h using wifi and full brigthness)

If you wanna see some tests and more info about my T101MT look at this article : Android-x86 4.0.4 “EeePC” running ARM apps (libhoudini videos/benchmarks, Angry birds, Quake3, Max Payne)

I did this builds to run in ARMV5 mode, because we cant run ARMV7 or ARMV6 apps at the moment, if you wanna change that, edit your build.prop to set that in ARMV7 mode, changing:




Or just uncomment


I am using Chih Wei Huang gapps (ripped from his eeepc build) to get the maximum stablility, I was updated some of the gapps keeping OLD Market to avoid plausible google framework issues, the Market aka Google play will be updated automatically just using it, I was left the OLD Youtube player with carrousel, so if you dont like the new Youtube player (white and flat) just uninstall youtube player after update and reboot.

The SUSPENSION mode still dont working, when you back from suspension all the things crash, the power button turn the PC OFF with just a click in the T101MT build, in the EeePC build you need to press to times the power button in less of 2 seconds to turn the pc OFF, to prevent the suspension take a look at this pictures.

In this last screen capture you go kill two birds with a single shot, like you can see the Bluetooth also works, we need to activate Allow mock locations to use FakeGPS and Real GPS over Bluetooth so we must activate that now. (we will see how to use GPS Bluetooth).

To use GPS Bluetooth you need to download this free app: [app][/app]

Here you have my GPS Bluetooth detected and paired..

Here the BT app working and with some satellites detected..

And here you have the main screen with the GPS selected and running, you can see also the box to ENABLE MOCK GPS PROVIDER, enable that if you wanna use the REAL GPS 😀

To know the keyboard shorcuts you can take a look at here : How-to: Keyboard Shortcuts in Android-x86 4.0.4 ICS most of the Fn keys in the T101MT works.

In the T101MT build the REAL sdcard is mounted in /mnt/MicroSD, the USB storage is mounted in /mnt/USB and the HDD storage is in /mnt/sdcard.

Here you have some screen captures of the apps included.

Like you can see the flash player is working showing the banners 😛 ( if you want more info about flashplayer go here: How-To: Add flash player to Android-x86 you will find what works and what no with flashplayer)

Also Angry Birds works hehe 😛

 To end, here you have a demo video.

T101MT ISO md5sum: ad5b9f3dc0cad369d01e59a1929a549d

Link: Android-x86_4.0.4-r2.1_Houdini-flash_T101MT_by314.iso REUPLOADED to MEGA (31/12/2013).

EeePC ISO md5sum: 21ccb79bf5750088e422571c2bf99b2a

NOTE: I have been noticed that the EeePC build has some issue with the eeepc 900 that dont let this model end of boot, the official 4.0RC2 from works well in this model so the next release will have a eeepc default kernel to avoid this issues.

Link: Android-x86_4.0.4-r2.1_Houdini-flash_EeePC_by314.iso  REUPLOADED to MEGA (31/12/2013).

Enjoy, and cheers. (If that is useful to you please feel free to support me with a  donation or just clicking in some banner, thank you)