How-to WhatsApp in your tablet (Android x86, ARM, or MIPS)

How-to WhatsApp in your tablet (Android x86, ARM, or MIPS)

Okey maybe someone of you was try to install Whatsapp in the netbook with android x86 or in a tablet, and you cant, because this is just for PHONES.., well this is not all true, we can install whatsapp in our tablets and netbooks with android, but we need to do a tweak.

We have 2 ways to do it :

1- In the first and easy one, we need a real android phone.

I was tested that with my Galaxy SCL ( with CyanogenMod 10) and my Asus Eeepc T101MT and works, the cons are that we just can use whatsapp in one device at the same time (we need 2 different phone numbers to can use 2 diferent whatsapp), but here we go:

– root your phone (if is not rooted)
– install whatsapp on your phone
– install TB (Titanium Backup) on your phone

– with TB make a back up of whatsapp
– open file manager on your phone (root explorer or something like that) and look for TB folder in /sdcard/TitaniumBackup
– take the 3 files with the whatsapp name in them and move these to your tablet or netbook.

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– root your tablet (in android-x86 we have the system rooted so we dont need to root it)
– install TB on your tablet or netbook
– open TB on your tablet or netbook
– in file manager go to TB folder  /sdcard/TitaniumBackup
– move the 3 whatsapp files taken from the phone and place them in the TB folder
– open TB and “restore” your whatsapp

(Extracted from XDA-DEVS)

2- The second one, is a bit more complicated and is for that people that dont have a real android phone.

We’ll need ECLIPSE and android x86 emu to do this way, we gone use the android x86 emu like fake phone.

-Install eclipse

-When you have eclipse installed, you need to install now the Android SDK and the android x86 intel emulator you have a howto here

-Now that we have eclipse and android x86 emu working, we need to download the google play app from here: you MUST open this link in the android emu browser download and install the app in the emu.

-From here you can follow like in the android phone way and follow the rest of the tutorial thinking that the emu is your phone.

THIS SECOND METHOD NOW DONT  WORK, I DID USING THE PHONE EMU IMAGE FROM HERE LINK FIXED, in any case you are free to try yourself 🙂 , you can find more info about this unofficial emu image here