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    rijotech / 10-2-2012 / ·

    HP Mini 1000 wireless support.

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    rijotech / 10-2-2012 / ·

    Your eeepc asus build works perfect on my HP Mini 1000 the only missing thing is wireless support for the Broadcom94312 wireless card can you provide a build with Broadcom94312 support please?

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    dave / 11-5-2012 / ·

    is it impossible for Intel to install ARM on x86 motherboard for dual boooting?

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    Eslam / 11-11-2012 / ·

    Hi guys I am very amused to Android on my laptop, it’s HP G62
    But I have two problems
    the first input language I want to add Arabic language with the English language but when i do that i can’t write Arabic by my laptop keyboard it’s can be for English only Is there a solution to this problem??
    the second some of games as like racing moto and irunner can’t play any solution for this problems?

    thank you so much

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    Narcis Stan / 8-6-2013 / ·

    iCan you make an ARMv6/ARMv7 emulator or if there is can you give us a link. Please @by314

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